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shameless plug no one asked for (I promise!): my friends rosemary, emma, & brittany with the support of wet city, who hosted the first event last night, and rachel ventura, who designed their charming logo, put together a club called the society of excellent women to provide a space for women to get together free of any sort of professional agenda or personal gain.  clearly this is something a lot of us wanted--NEEDED! I say as I clutch a wad of obsolete** business cards I've been handed at the endless networking events I've attended this past year--because by lunchtime yesterday they were just short of 200 rsvps.  there's no official count of how many showed up to their slushi social last night but they ran out of buttons (pictured) and they made 120 of them (!!!!!!!).

beyond being so proud of my friends who pulled off an amazing feat. of a) coming up with an idea that was received so well by people beyond their friends' lists and b) executing the programming to include a beautiful speech by rosemary and free gifts from local businesses like boutique 44, bear fox babe, and brightside boutique, their social nearly brought me to tears with gratitude.  that's not an exaggeration for the sake of a blogger's rhetoric.

my roommate, sara, and I went together and we were immediately over whelmed by the amount of people in wet city.  both friendly faces and unfamiliar ones were so friendly and welcoming.  everyone was saying hi to everyone.  it was a chance to make unknown connections among the expanding community of baltimore women.  my roommate introduced me to someone she is good friends with and I was thought she looked familiar, so I was like, "hey are you a jewelry maker?" and she said, "I am!" turns out we had met a few weeks ago and neither of us knew we had this significant person in our lives as a connection.  later, an old classmate of mine came up to me and we chatted for a while and I introduced her to one of the women who runs thebmorecreatives instagram.  they were admirers of each other's work but didn't know each other's faces!!  it was a whole night just like that with absolutely no networking obligation or people there for their own professional gain.

a strange thing happened to me though.  through the night of meeting new people several of you approached me and asked me if I was currie.  "um, yessssss...hi."  they were either told to talk to me by someone at the social or followed me on instagram and wanted to introduce themselves.  um excuse me what??  sure this might be slight bragging but I work really hard on my photographic work, and sometimes I get so stuck inside the endless loop of creating, promoting myself, finding jobs, etc. that I forget about any sort of influence I might be making.  it is really important to me that I make a positive contribution to my community and to see that come true when people tell me in person how much they love what I do, it makes me feel truly humbled.  several ladies personally told me how much you love this very blog and how my writing was personable and relatable and it nearly brought me to tears.  so thank you so much for reading and watching...and most importantly just wanting to be my friend <3

xx currie

**it's 2016, let's just exchange instagrams and move on with our lives!!