accidental professional: 4 completely valid reasons you should have your own personal brand

if you follow me on instagram, you've probably noticed I've been throwing around the word "personal brand" a lot lately.  and if you haven't been living under a rock, you've most likely seen others use it as well.  it's certainly an overused word in an over saturated market of bloggers, freelancers, and side hustlers.  but what does it mean?  in a nutshell: your personal brand reflects your professional (and creative) reputation.

I don't know anyone who wouldn't benefit in learning the skills it takes to cultivate and curate their reputations in a way that they have control over.  sounds like fake bullshit?  newsflash: literally nothing you see on social media is real.  that being said I do not promote blatant misrepresentation of anyone.  I want to help others figure out an authentic way to express and represent themselves.  this wednesday I will be teaching a personal branding workshop detailing, outlining, and workshopping personal branding for my pupils!

this is the first class of a larger series I am teaching over the next two months.  take this class or take them all!  either way, know that what you have to say and show the world is important and valid for the reasons below:

1. you are a small business owner, freelancer, blogger, or artist and you want to make a profit

we are in full blown gig-economy right now thus the market of dreamers and do-ers is cramped.  a potential client or employer is most likely overwhelmed by the amount of choices they have that it can be hard to sift through all of the options and really understand what you are looking at.  being clear in what you are about will make it easier for those potential money-people to find you and then eventually pay you!

2. you have too little time/energy/money to focus on the wrong things.

having and remaining focused on your niche will give you the clarity to say no things that will be time/money/energy suckers.  whether it's event invites, a call for entry, a potential client you're not wild about, if they fall outside of the parameters of your pre-determined brand and the values you want to upkeep, it's easier to say no and therefore saving yourself the headache.

3. You sometimes find yourself stuck in a creative rut

for my course I have developed a worksheet all attendees will fill out that will detail aesthetic, style, content, subject choices and how to brainstorm using these things.  I have used this method of creatively brainstorming since I was in college and wanted to come up with creative/non-cliche content that was about things I cared about but in a fresh way.  knowing what you're about doesn't have to get repetitive!  having branding limitations will unlock your creativity to come up with something new every time.

4. you want readers/clients/patrons to trust you.

consumer led marketing is in vogue right now for many reasons, mainly because large brands recognize that consumers want a trusted source to recommend products that compliment their lifestyle.  if you're a blogger looking to become an influencer or maintaining your status as one, this is relevant to point number one.  but for the rest of us, being a figure people can trust and rely on for consistency of quality will boost interest, trust, and reliance on our product.  think: would kylie jenner lip kit be so popular if she wasn't tied to the brand?  moreover (and also makeup related) would kat von d's makeup line be as top selling and coveted if her personal brand wasn't as clear and defined as it is now?  people have a strong understand of who she is and want to be a part of it.

you can find my branding workshop >> here <<

and check out the entire series >> here <<

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