re: affirmations for creative entrepreneurs

a picture of me pretending to take a picture so this picture by my boyfriend could look good *thumbs up emoji*

a picture of me pretending to take a picture so this picture by my boyfriend could look good *thumbs up emoji*

one of the things that really inspired me to get this blog started was the idea that I could help out my fellow creators on the tricky road to success with entrepreneurship.  if you follow me on instagram, you might have noticed I had some long captions going on a couple weeks ago.  they were a test to see how you guys reacted to my writing.  haha I'm sneaky, I know!  I wrote one in particular as a personal affirmation for my journey from side hustle, to freelance, to full time job.

this is a topic I really want to talk about more on this blog and I plan on doing a whole series on advice and how-to's for fellow freelancers.  I need your help in coming up with a name for the series, though.  I'm currently thinking something along the lines of "diy freelance", "freelancer to freelancer", "former side hustler's guide to:", etc.  cast your vote or offer a new suggestion in the comments.  anyone who picks or suggests the winning title of the series will get a shout out in the first advice post I write.  

now, here's the blog cut of my creator's affirmations:

recognize the value you give to your community
but acknowledge the things you could improve
don't be afraid to give yourself compliments
and note those who are offended by your self worth

never do work for a person or company you don't believe in
there's always more money but never more time
at the end of the day, make sure you can look at yourself in the mirror

take small moments to notice things you like
and praise the person responsible
communicate specifically
and you'll find yourself
honing in your awareness and eloquence
one person's achievements do not take away from yours

people will inevitably copy you
don't let it cheapen your work by noticing
imitating someone is an unsustainable form of creating

keep your head down and move forward
always moving forward by each measure of success that says
"I've made it" until one day you have

but success can mean so many different things
find out what it means to you
and work for it

accept when your body and mind need a break
no job should come before your well-being
no job can succeed in the absence of your well-being

cherish those around you who love you for your mind and spirit
and respect you enough to call you out
seek their advice but stand your ground when your values are on the line
always improve yourself to be kinder, gentler, and more sensitive and one day you'll look at the world around you and realize you got it figured out.

xx currie