bizaar world

back in september, model sonnie daze and I finally met up and shot together.  it was a bit serendipitous actually, as we found out the half way point between our homes was laurel and the few days prior I had met indian model, lavanya ghorpade, who just recently moved to the states and opened up an indian grocery, big bizaar, with her husband in laurel.  she was kind enough to let us shoot inside.

because I was confident in sonnie's modeling skills I decided to shoot my first exclusively film fashion editorial.  I'm really enamored with the results and glad I finally figured out a way to present them to the world, just in time for what america calls thanksgiving (sonnie's words, not mine but I loved them so much I stole them)

dress: vintage // shirt: hellz bellz // choker: made by yours truly

dress: brandy melville // skirt: love culture // choker: made by yours truly

dress: forever21 // windbreaker: h&m

xx currie

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