office space

earlier this week, I was prompted in an instagram challenge to post about my morning routine. if that isn’t the most bloggery writing prompt, I don’t know what is. I’ve been so consumed by the piles of actual work on to-do list, I initially gave up before I really got started, but here's a version of it.

with this blog, which has barely gotten started, my intention is to be as realistic and honest as possible.  so here's me being honest: my morning routine (I naturally wake up at 6 or 7am) consists of me laying in bed.  I'm not depressed, or lazy, I just have a lot of chronic pain and it takes me an hour or two to be able to talk myself up enough to get to it.  good days, I spend that time catching up on email and trying to manage my anxiety for the day ahead.  on my bad days, I resolve to spend the whole day in bed with my laptop cradled on my belly as I edit photos or write emails.  a desk, believe it or not, sometimes exacerbates the chronic pain in my ribs and makes my vertigo worse.

I have some exciting opportunities coming up, but I keep getting this nagging thought about how I won't be able to sustain office life if it means sitting a desk for 8 hours.  so I've been training myself, building up my stamina and after day one of all day desk sitting: *insert obama not bad meme* (but ask me again after today.)

I'm a huge believer in the idea that your surroundings on a have an impact on your mental space and are an important factor in self care during the work hours.  I keep my room (also my office) very clean and put a lot of effort and money into decor because I can't get work done if I'm unhappy with the area I'm existing in.  this little wall above the radiator is funny to me because (yes I know how to properly do a salon wall) it's so haphazard and I just keep slowly adding things to it when I find frames for all my photos and prints.  there's not a plan or anything, unlike the rest of my apartment, or my instagram, or anything else I do to express myself.  it's just a funny little crooked corner of my world that has memories and photos that inspire me.

On my desk, I clean off the clutter about every other day, but keep a few things on it so it doesn't feel too sterile.  my favorite plant is too mad at me for forgetting to water her for a couple weeks so she's not pictured but she's around.  but seriously, this is just stuff I found in my bag: a spare ring, loose change, a roll of film, a necklace from yesterday.  tiger balm, antler, and planner pretty much stay on my desk.

I like all of these things around because I'm a big fiddler (not that kind of fiddler) and always have to keep my hands busy when I'm talking on the phone, editing photos, or reading something.  I don't have any fancy desk accessories like a porcelain dog tape dispensers or planners but I think the pennies are pretty enough and in case you can't tell by the thumbnail photo of this post, I love black and copper together.

in the morning, if I don't have anywhere I need to be and I'm just working from home that day, I have a checklist of self care duties including eating and drinking water because sometimes I'm so stressed I forget.  drinking tea, sitting on pillows, and using a heating pad on my back are other things I make sure to pamper myself with, especially as the colder months are coming up.

the other day while consulting with my dad for advice, I made myself a cup of evening tisane (I'm caffeine free) before a high anxiety meeting and and discovered that my nails and this mug I bought for my mom at yellowstone were exactly the same color.  still marveling at that fact so much that I felt the need to include that in this post.

what are some of your self care tricks during the work day?  additionally, if you live with chronic pain and work in an office, do you have any tips for me?