oh snap! I started a blog

the face I made when I realized I needed to put my business before my personal hang ups associated with blog writing.

everyone has a blog these days.  no but really.  I scroll through instagram and some common phrases is "more on the blog!" or "today I the blog I talk about..." no hate because I'm about to join you guys...begrudgingly.  

it is 2016, right?  I didn't just accidentally fall into a wormhole and land in 2008 did I?  no?  cool, because I dread the day those tiny bowler hats every girl wore comes back in style.

after the many many urgings and finally being convinced to start a blog by my creative and professional peers, I've been preparing for this blog's official release for two weeks by drafting posts, creating content, and asking my friends if they want to be featured on this rad new blog I'm doing. I'm attempting to keep a humorous and light voice, but I've surprised myself with my snark.  I may actually just be a bitch, jury's still out.

a more serious photo // dress by lush

I promise I won't be this transparently opposed to blog writing this entire time, I'm just as narcissistic as the next person and love to talk about myself.  but really, it comes down to website traffic, and I'm just tricking you into reading my blog so more people look at my portfolio.

so other than professional gain, what's my purpose with this blog?  glad you asked!  I'm a fashion photographer/brand manager/digital media marketer by trade best known by most people for my instagram and my personal editorial projects.  I love fashion especially when paired with emotional expression.  I'm also a pretty serious worker and am seeing some success with my career.  and people who have been following my story know I have a genetic disorder called ehlers-danlos syndrome and how important it is to me to advocate for myself.  so if you're an artist or creative, especially if you live with a disability or chronic illness, looking for another blog to add to your list, here's one!  I hope to post twice a week but I'm also getting incredibly busy soon (more info on that coming).

one of the few visual representations I have of ehlers-danlos, hypermobility.  bunny tattoo is based on velveteen rabbit (people always ask)

I'm also open to any suggestions for material if you want to see me write about something in particular.  and if you have a blog, feel free to drop a link below and give me any advice you've found helpful during your blogging journey.

xx currie