one on one: tori bouldin of the stylette

I met Tori through a friend when she was looking for a photographer to shoot her relaunch campaign for her online fashion publication the stylette.  we met up, chatted, and gelled pretty much instantly.  anyone who knows me is aware I'm pretty picky about the people I work with.  I'm always weary that someone will hire me to take pictures that send a message I do not believe in.  but the stylette is about inclusivity and individuality.  every one is welcome and tori strives to represent every one when talking about fashion.  your personal style is not contingent upon having certain physique or your race.  

tori and I got together a few weeks ago and chatted and took pictures around my neighborhood.  fun tidbit about her: she's 22 *wide eyed emoji*

what's the typical day in the life of tori?
On a busy day, I'm either writing, shooting, or planning for my next project. My alarm goes offat about 5am, an hour or two before my toddler wakes up. If I want my eyelids to stay open for more than two minutes, it's best that I drink a cup of coffee before I take on my day. I usually check my Facebook and Instagram feed to see what's going on that day. As a stylist and editor of an online fashion publication, it's important to stay on top of news and trends---social media is one of my main resources to check out what's trending.

After I finish scrolling through my timeline for the fourth or fifth time, it’s time for quick workout. Yoga and pilates leave me feeling centered, refreshed, and ready to take on the day. At the end of my workout, I go upstairs to make my munchkin breakfast while I drink my fuel (a healthy green smoothie) to get through the day.

Usually I have about 3-5 important tasks I need to complete for the day and I write them down on post its and a planner. I'm a stay at home mom so tantrums and a lot of"uh-ohs" are daily challenges. Post it notes let me know the things that needs my immediate attention in order to ensure that my business and home are running smoothly. In my planner, I list any details and steps I need to take to complete my task and achieve my goal.

Five outfit changes, a screaming toddler, and a half-full cold cup of coffee later---we're both dressed and ready to officially start our day. Either we'll go for a bookstore mommy and son date or I'll have a sitter and go back home to work at my desk or find an inspiring creative space to take phone calls, write an article, or whatever needs to be done for the day.

how would you describe your style?
I dress according to my mood for the day, so it varies. But, if I could describe it in 3 words I would say:
1. vibrant
2. edgy
3. sexy

who are your style influences?
My mom and my grandmothers definitely have something to do with my love of vintage. I love Shiona Turini, her style is so NYC chic, but with a touch of sex appeal. Rihanna has been one of my style icons since "Umbrella". I love how she's constantly changing up her style, does what she wants, when she wants, and doesn't care about what anyone has to say about it. I can never stick to one hair style or color so I can relate to her 100%.
Also I find a lot of my inspiration from the streets of New York, Paris, and Milan fashion weeks.

what's the biggest thing that holds you back?
Fear of failure has always been a challenge and a hinderance of mine. I'm learning to discipline myself to put myself out there more to do the things I want to do and meet the type of people I've always wanted to connect with. I have to reassure myself that where I am right now, is exactly where I'm suppose to be. Success does not come overnight, so while you wait, why not enjoy the climb?

what do you do to concur your fears?
I recently started this new thing when I write my affirmations on post it notes and stick them around my vision board. When I need a boost of confidence, I stand up and recite my affirmations out loud. And prayer, lots and lots of prayer.

what are some qualities you look for when hiring a creative team?
Usually when I'm looking to collaborate and partner with other creatives like stylists, photographers, models, makeup artists, etc. I like to see that they know how to tell a story through their work and have a real appreciation for fashion and culture. When I visit someone's website or social media handles I like to see a clear aesthetic of their personal brand through their photos.

how do you explain the stylette to people who have never heard of it?
 The Stylette is a fashion and lifestyle webzine for the woman who knows who she is and who she wants to be. She's always looking for her new adventure and cultivates her style in all aspects of her life. It’s disappointing how the fashion industry pushes consumers to conform to a standard of beauty built on photoshopped, unrealistic images. The Stylette ensures women of all sizes, shapes, and colors are represented. We can identify with various women with various personalities. When women visit The Stylette, I want them to feel inspired, entertained, and empowered.

lightening round:
last time you cried: yesterday. anxiety sucks.
last song you listened to: black beatles by rae sremmurd
last movie you watched: The Intern
favorite food:Pizza
least favorite food:I hate chicken livers, yuck. I. just. can't.
first job: My first job was actually my first business. When I was 11 or 12, I started my own facepainting services and custom school supply shop. After that, my first job was at my church and I worked in the bookstore.
favorite season: fall.
favorite place to visit: NYC is just… magical.
country you've always wanted to visit: Italy for it's rich history and beautiful beaches
hidden talent: I'm a really good actress.

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xx currie