define your personal brand

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define your personal brand


take this class if:
-you own a business and feel lost on how to represent it effectively
-you write a blog and want to hone in on the content and subject matter
-you are a freelancer and want more work and to stand out amongst your peers

when: MAKEUP CLASS: tuesday, may 2nd, 7pm-9pm
where: the elephant in mt. vernon (this was the location for the first class, reservations depend on how many people I get to enroll).  hors d'oeuvres will be provided!
what to bring: your preferred writing implement.

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we will discuss:
why do you need a brand?
what are some valid reasons for someone to be concerned about their personal brand?
who has a really well defined personal brand?  what about it works?
who has undergone an effective personal re-branding?
how is all of this applicable to small businesses where it is not personal? (hint: it is!)

at the beginning of class, worksheets will be handed out to everyone.  in them, you will be asked to answer questions about what you would like to say to the world.  this will help each of us come up with guidelines for content and subject matter.

at the end of the night I do plan on addressing social media's influence on our mental health and self-worth.  how do we disconnect ourselves enough from our online presence so it doesn't take a toll?  this is something I have personally struggled with and I would love to share some of my coping tools with you.

bonus: branding challenges to push yourself in the real world will be assigned at the end of class and we will virtually follow up with each other through hashtags and facebook.