lifestyle & fashion photography : back by popular demand!

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lifestyle & fashion photography : back by popular demand!


this class is for you if:
-you own a business and struggle with creating consistent content
-you write a blog and need to up your photo game
-you are a freelancer and want to stand out to potential clients with some bomb af photos*
-if you want to push yourself and start thinking critically about the content that you produce.

when: sunday, june 4th from 2:30-6:30pm
location: tba (will be in baltimore!)
what to bring: this will be taught with iphones and androids in mind, but dslrs and other digital cameras are welcome in addition.

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together we will go over the basic rules of photography such as lingo, technique, and guidelines.
I will show you all the apps I recommend for quick editing and help you pursue your own aesthetic and remain consistent during the process
we will go over photo theory and behind the scenes tricks and tips for making a good photo
we will look at examples of good and bad brand photos and discuss what makes them work or not
pairing off, each set of partners will help the other with some test photographs with predetermined challenges.  I will be around for assistance and brain storming.
after which, we will come back together and critique each other's work

types of photos we will focus on: flatlays, ootd, outfit details, candid, environmental, product, etc.

bonus: optional photography challenges to push yourself in the real world will be assigned at the end of class and we will virtually follow up with each other through hashtags and facebook.

*this class is beginner level and catered to those who are not photographers, if you are a photographer by trade for the love of God please do not take this class!!